Who is suitable to wear GPS watch?

eIoT GPS watch is for children up to 5.

What is the GPS accuracy of eIoT watch?

Reai has the best GPS accuracy and the most stale trajectory among similar products.GPS accuracy is within 10m.

How long does the battery last?

With the build-in patented ELLP algorithm which is the low power consumption algorithm,eIoT watches standby up to 80 hours,2 times working life more than similar products.

How to clean-up the watch band?

You can wipe watch band with a damp cloth,if it doesn't work add a little achohol to help.

Does the eIoT devices have radiation? Is it safe to have eIoT device so close to your body?

The radiation value of the eIoT device can be neglected.Because of:
1)Watch is always on the state of receiving data,not like mobile phone with long calls.
2)When we talk on the phone,it's close to our brain.Since you wear the eIoT watch on the wrist,while also using their wrist for phone call,so the radiation will not affect health.
3)There is no need to worry the radiation of GPS mould,as it just receive satellite signal not transmit it.
4)The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) sets a SAR standard of 2W per kilogram of body weight and a watch's SAR of 0.691W per kilogram of body weight, well below international standards.

Will the battery heat or explode under high temperature,charging? How to ensure the safety of the battery?

eIoT device with gel polymer lithium-ion battery, compared with the traditional lithium-ion battery, the battery is not easy to deformation, more lightweight, more durable, more secure - because the use of a special colloidal electrolyte, the battery will not Liquid boiling and produce large amounts of gas, to eliminate the possibility of a violent explosion. The battery in the furnace heat, impact, vibration, overcharge, acupuncture, rolling, low pressure and other dozens of battery safety and reliability test almost perfect. In addition, watch a unique internal battery protection circuit design for the watch to provide another reliable battery security. Therefore, the usual scenes of life can be assured that charging, rest assured to wear.

Is it waterproof?

eIoT device has built in water resistant technology, you cannot put it into the water, but it works for washing hands, rain, and sweat.

Is it fireproof?

eIoT device may not work or even damage at high temperatures, it is recommended away from fire and high temperature environment.

Does it normal for eIoT device become a little hot while charging?

Yes,it is normal.

What are the precautions for using the eIoT device?

1)Do not put it into the water
2)Keep it away from the high temperature and fire environment.
3)Use the charger provided with the watch for charging.
4)Remind the wearer to avoid eating the watch.

How to power on and off?

Power on:Long press the on/off button over 3 seconds.
Power off: Click Romote turn off button on the APP to turn off.

How to transfer Administrator?

Use the administrator account to login the APP,Enter the Family member menu,long press the account which is suppose to be transferred,then click transfer.

How to delete family members?

Use the administrator account to login the APP,Enter the Family member menu,long press the account which is suppose to be deleted,then click delete.

Why does some phone number can not call the watch?

Only pre-set number can call the watch,in order to protect the privacy of the wearer.

Does your APP Dowear work on every phone?

The Dowear works with iOS 7/Android 4.0 and above system.

Does Dowear support offline map download?

Yes it does.

How many people can bind the same watch? How many watch can be binded by one APP?

One watch can be binded by 16 people at most.One APP can bind all watches you like.

If can not receive SMS verification code when register APP, what can you do?

If you do not receive a verification code for more than 1 minute, click "Regain" on the "Register" screen.

If fail to scan the QR code when adding watch on the APP,what can you do?

You can adjust the distance between phone and the QR code,or find some bright place,try it again.