Founded in Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park

Developing Customized Intelligent Child Location Service System and Terminal Products for China Mobile (the biggest telecom operator in China).

Developing Beidou Personal Positioning Service System in cooperation with Shenzhen Beidou Communications Company.


Developing "Intelligent Employee Location System" in cooperation with Foxconn Group.


ELLP™ Algorithms (Ultra-Low Power Location Decision-Making Algorithms, Patent No. :201410169563.3, Authorization Notice Number: CN104066163B)

With Chengdu Guoteng/Chengdu Guoxing, Beidou Military-Civil Dual-Purpose Communication Terminal is launched.


Cooperate with many smart wear brand companies, kids smart watches have reached 1 million pcs shipments.

R&D of Behavior/State Pattern Recognition and Prediction Algorithms Based on AI— EAISP Algorithms.

Monthly shipment of kids smart watches market share reached 15%


Provide location cloud, terminal design, APP customization and other services for nearly 100 customers from China and overseas, including: Thai TRUE operator, Wisdom Tree, etc.

Kids smart watches monthly shipment is Top3 in industry, monthly shipment market share reach 30%


Cooperate with Beijing Beidou Tianhui to complete the military wearing equipment - Beidou military and police smart watches. The Beidou parameters and indicators that meet the requirements of Chinese military products are adopted, which are lightweight, miniaturized and intellectualized. It adopts the most advanced platform 2100 (8909W) of Qualcomm. Mass production has been achieved.

The three-party cooperation of eIoT, Beijing Universal World and China Unicom Education Center has formed an ecological cooperation mode: hardware entrance (eIoT)+Internet content (wisdom tree)+operator operation (China Unicom Education Center).


Signing Strategic Cooperation with Alibaba Cloud OS and Spreadtrum, Strategic cooperation will be formed in the direction of Internet of Things, especially wearable devices. With the help of Ali's operation capability and the support of exhibition information in hardware technology, we will build a family-based social software and hardware product and platform with children and the elderly as the center.


Designed and produced smart recorder for iFlytek. It was first shown on the National People’s Congress of China, definitely a revolutionary product in ASR technology sector. More than 3 million pieces of Baidu smart speaker designed by eIoT was sold this year, Baidu is the tier one search engine in China.


Starting to work with Xiaomi based on eIoT’s exclusive ultra low power consumption kids watch solution.